The Birth of a Daughter

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A night of flirting with dreams began a love affair with what ifs.  She was conceived.  I carried her in my soul incubating her and keeping her safe from the world we know; one of harsh truths, missed blessings, and harbored resentment.  She dwelled in me until there was no longer room inside. I gave birth to her four years ago.  She was everything an infant is – small, fragile, needy.  I was all that a mother can be – attentive, nurturing, protective.  As she grew, she began to know herself and carve out her identity.  I had my ideas but she’d become something separate from me and conversely what I wanted didn’t always fit who she was. We struggled. We debated. We understood.  More than that we grew.  I matured in the shadow of her growth.  It was the metamorphosis of me, through her. She is my first daughter. Dorchester’s...

From Word Doc to Paperback

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For many people, who see the finished product on the shelves of local bookstores, department stores, or web retailers, the process is a mystery. Publishing is the process of production; making information available to the general public. Traditionally, the term refers to the distribution of printed works such as books and newspapers. A book publisher takes a manuscript from a Word document to retail readiness – steps along the way include; acquisition, copyediting, graphic design, marketing/distribution, and sales. Acquisition is the act of sourcing new material for the purpose of production. Depending on the press, acquisitions are either solicited or unsolicited. Submissions sent directly to a publisher are referred to as unsolicited submissions, and the majority come from unpublished authors. Many book publishing companies prefer to solicit their works and maintain a strict “no...

Hello and Welcome

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 Welcome! Dorchester’s Daughter Publishing is a boutique style vendor for Urban Literature, as well as a coaching and consulting firm. Founded in 2009, the company seeks to celebrate the urban voice through story.  Dorchester’s Daughter helps urban writers to produce and publish blogs, novels, essays, memoirs, and poetry compilations that reflect a more prolific, conscious message.